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Crystalline adhesives retention is up to 6 weeks! It is very thin consistency and rapid dry. Crystalline  significantly reduces the amount of time you will be spending on your clients.

Crystalline works best in humidity 20%-55% and temperature between 68-77f. 

  • Drying time- .5-1 second
  • Viscosity- very thin
  • Color- Black

use within 30 days after opening.



Due to the rapid drying time,Diamond bond adhesive is recommended for advance artist who isolate perfectly and work fast.

shake for 1 minute before each use.


proper use instructions:

  • Do not allow adhesive to touch the skin at any time.
  • Eyes must be closed throughout entire application.
  • A patch test should be performed for all new cliens. Apply 3 extensions on the outer corner of the eye and a tiny dot of adhesive behind the ear.
  • It is possible with any adhesive, that your client develop an allergy over time.